EDC Protection is the French leader of Aluminized Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) protecting workers exposed to extreme heat.

The company was founded in 1935 in the heart of a steel area. In 1989, it specialized in the design and manufacturing of PPE. By joining the Group DMD France in 2001, EDC Protection acquired new capacities of investment, research, production and logistics. Synergies between the companies of the group provide the largest offer in the field of professionals and protection clothing.

A perfect knowledge of the risks
to design the most appropriate protection

Aluminized clothing of EDC Protection are used in the steel industry, foundries, glass factories, cement factories, fire services... even by volcanologists. They protect workers against flames, intense heat and splashes of molten materials up to 2.000°C.

EDC Protection has acquired extensive knowledges of these risks and provides its expertise by on-site audits. EDC Protection can make a diagnosis and proposes solutions. If necessary, EDC Protection adapts or creates specific products that are the most appropriate to the specific risks of your workstations.

In addition to aluminized PPE, EDC Protection manufactures various protective product lines such as leather clothes for welders, clothes specially adapted to ATEX zones, flame retardant clothes for cold, Nomex® hoods, insulation blankets, fireproof sheeting and blankets and a complete line of mittens and gloves that allow to hold pieces with temperatures over 1.000°C.

A mastery of technologies,
a compliance with standards and a high production flexibility

All products of EDC Protection are manufactured in France, in our high technology sewing workshop, with the most effective materials such as carbon or fiberglass, Kevlar®, Twaron®, Nomex®, Kermel®…

All PPEs, which mostly belongs to Class III, are certified to EC standards. They undergo regular “Article 11a” type quality control by an independent certified laboratory. Nevertheless, comfort, flexibility and lightness, which are very important for end users, are never forgotten.

Thanks to the Group DMD France, the production capacity of EDC Protection is large and extensible. But because each risk is different, the flexibility of our local production workshop allows producing small series, almost units, with the highest reactivity.

A recognized expertise
in France and around the world

EDC Protection’s products are high quality standards in France and in Europe. They are also exported to Maghreb, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Burkina... and even in Asia. Export is now a significant part of EDC Protection’s business. Its regular growth is the recognition sign of our French leader know-how on the international market.