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DMD France - Gamme l'Idéal

Gamme l'Idéal

Complete line of workwear with over 250 references, fabrics, styles, colours. A permanent stock of over 300,000 items available.A line of clothing for specifically designed for the construction industry. All articles are category 1 PPE and carry the CE mark.A line in conformity with the European standard ISO 471 class II or III with a wide range of fabrics offering the possibility to maintain the image of the company. All our products are approved by IFTH or Centexbel and carry a registration number.Made of with fireproof cotton treated with Proban®, this line is certified ISO 531 & 470-1 against thermal risks ISO 531 and ISO 470-1.Certified ISO 13034 type 6, this clothing line is made of 100% polyester treated fluo carbon and is adapted to chemical risks.Multipro line against combined risk Multipro” in Nomex or Megatec fabric. Certified against chemical and thermal risks: ISO 470-531 - 533 - 13034 type 6 - 1149-3.



Full line of professional  clothing  for  cold  weather. More than 100 references, fabrics, models, colours. Materials and design render them suitable for long-term  use against moisture and cold. Available in more than fifteen sizes and with a permanent stock of over 50,000 items including high visibility ISO 471 class II or III versions.

EDC Protection

EDC Protection

The “HIGH TEMPERATURE” line for staff exposed to flames, intense heat and molten metal splashes. Aramid fibers, Kevlar®, Nomex®, Kermel, carbon, fiberglass... the models have a continuous  investment  in research and development. EDC Protection  can, on demand, manufacture any special equipment.


Styl'Pro DMD France

The “BRAND IMAGE” line for your company. High quality fabrics and models that we specially adapt  to your profession. DMD France has stylists,  equipments  and leading technologies to ensure longevity and technical qualities to the unique models we design for you.STYLPRO is also a line of women’s smock and hospital clothing.