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Bad weather multirisks Bad weather multirisks Bad weather multirisks
Specification Sheet
Trousers lined with fireproof cotton. Ref E2376-106 - Sizes: S to XXXL. Multi pocket parka, reflective tapes, fireproof lining, hood in collar, loops for detectors. Ref E2776-106 - Sizes: S to XXXL. Removable vest. Available in ISO343 compliant version with removable sleeves, fireproof fleece lining and reflective tape or in fireproof fleece only version. Ref E3276-106 - Sizes: S to XXXL. Fireproof fleece. Ref 3376-106 - Sizes: S to XXXL. In-stock colors: navy bleu - Other colors available Available in high visibility version In-stock colors: fluo. yellow/navy bleu - Other colors available.
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